My phone number is my address

NIMA Codes is a simple yet powerful phone number based addressing system for the places without formal street addresses.

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One picture and that's it!

Capture a reliable address in one shot and share it with the world in one sentence: "My phone number is my address"

Benefit from our AI

A photo is all you need. Our intelligent algorithm takes care of adding all the necessary details.

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Addresses that are easy to find and communicate without compromising security

Communicate easily a reliable address with interested parties. After all, it's just your phone number.

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Are you selling online?NIMA Shop is your friend!

Find out how you can leverage NIMA Codes' technologies to create a fast, modern and smart online store for free.

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Your wallet is being reinvented withNIMA Pay

NIMA Pay is a simple, fast and convenient way to pay, get paid, send or receive money in Africa.

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What if the services nearby were only a message away?

NIMA Codes offers a simple, secure and reliable messaging platform to help you easily connect with nearby services.

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Frequently asked questions

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NIMA Codes is a simple and intelligent addressing system based on phone numbers for places without a formal street address. You no longer have to spend endless minutes explaining where your home, your office or any other place is. Register your address in the blink of an eye and when asked about your address, simply say: "my phone number is my address"! In addition, NIMA Codes offers a simple, secure and reliable messaging platform to help you quickly connect with nearby services.

Open the NIMA Codes application, click on the camera icon at the bottom right, take a picture of your front door.

Private addresses are personal addresses that no one can access until you give them your secret code. Public addresses are accessible to anyone. When you add an address, you have the choice of making it private or public. By default, addresses are public.

NIMA Codes is totally free for individuals. You can register, add addresses, perform searches or use the geolocated messaging service for free.

NIMA Codes only uses your position when the application is used. You are also explicitly asked to allow the application to use your position.

Rest assured, we do not share any of your data without your explicit consent.

For help or feedback, you can contact us: by email at, via the website chat or via the NIMA Codes application by clicking on "Contact us via WhatsApp" on your profile

Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself.